Steph Todoroff, Art Therapy Student/Intern

Steph Todoroff, Art Therapy Student/Intern



At Matters of the Heart Counseling we believe in providing a quality internship/practicum to students who wish to pursue a career in therapy.  Our students are currently attending a master’s level class, receive supervision as part of their course curriculum and are closely supervised by a clinician at Matters of the Heart.  Interns observe and co-facilitate therapy sessions working towards the opportunity to manage their own caseload of up to 8-10 clients.  We closely monitor all sessions provided by interns as they are implementing what they have learned in classes to real life situations.  Our inters also allow us to offer low cost therapy for those who may need therapy and struggle to afford it.  Please contact us if you are interested in working with an intern student at a reduced rate.

Steph is an art therapy intern and graduate student at PennWest University, formerly Edinboro University. She received her BFA at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design with a concentration in traditional illustration, and has experience using artwork in different community-based settings. She has also worked with individuals along the Autism spectrum, those with intellectual disabilities, and those with Downs Syndrome. She is passionate about using art as a vehicle for change, working toward healing and emotional wellbeing.

In her free time, Steph can be found outside immersed in nature, playing with her dog Moses, making artwork, listening to audiobooks, and spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys a quality cup of coffee and loves to make people laugh.

Steph is currently co-facilitating our Art Wellness group that meets monthly.  You can contact Steph at

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Steph please use our contact form and our office manager will arrange your intake.


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