Adoption Support

Adoption Support

Families built by adoption and foster care face unique challenges.  It’s important to work with a professional who understands the trauma, attachment, culture, grief, loss, and biological influences all at work within the adoptive family.

Teens who were adopted, or are in foster care, are beginning to ask more questions and have more understanding of their story.  Finding your identity as an adopted teen creates its own challenges which may make this stage in life especially difficult for both parent and teen.  Matters of the Heart Counseling offers support groups for teens and parents in several locations around Lancaster County which are supported by the State Wide Adoption Network (SWAN).

Young adult adoptees also find themselves in a new phase of life as they explore their independence, search for significant life partners, and experience new questions and perspectives on their adoption they have not encountered before.

Parents who adopted, or provide foster care, sometimes wonder why they chose this life. You may often feel alone and inadequate, barely having enough strength to make it through the day or get out of bed in the morning to face another challenge.  Working with an adoption competent professional can provide the extra support and hope your family needs during challenging times.

If you need additional supports please contact SWAN online at or by calling 800-585-SWAN.  Ask that the support group unit of service be provided by Pressley Ridge as they are the agency Matters of the Heart Counseling networks with to provide support groups.  You can also contact Dan Grub at for more information or to register for a support group.

Area support groups include the following locations:

1987 State Street East Petersburg, PA 17538

Calvary Church 1051 Landis Valley Road, Lancaster PA

Wheatland Presbyterian Church 1125 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster PA