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Stormy and Dusky

Stormy and Dusky are brother and sister Great Pyrenees dogs.  They live on the farm of one of the staff members and come to visit at the office from time to time. Stormy and Dusky are NOT certified Animal Assisted Therapy dogs  Dusky is a neutered male and Stormy is female.  Both were born in 2021.  Both dogs are groomed regularly, including nail trims, and go to the veterinarian yearly for shots, check- ups and heart worm test etc .  Both dogs are fully vaccinated and healthy.

Great Pyrenees dogs are most often associated as livestock guardian dogs.  This working class of dog needs to provide a calming sense of security so the livestock can graze peacefully. While they are calm and quiet, they stay alert. It often seems like they sense when people are upset. They gently move close and often offer themselves for stroking. No doubt, they enjoy this as well. You will be surprised at how calm these gentle giants can make you feel.  

Stormy and Dusky are here to keep us company and take turns being at the office.  They enjoy people and getting extra attention. From time to time while in session, your therapist may find it beneficial to be with Stormy or Dusky during the time together.  Dogs have been known to provide opportunities for emotional regulation, reduction of anxiety, and increase focus.

Engaging in a session with Dusky or Stormy is completely voluntary and you may choose not to participate at any time. Stormy and Dusky do not come into the office building and are for outdoor use only.  This helps eliminate difficulties for those with allergies.  It also does limit interactions to outdoors and occur weather permitting.